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 I am a retired Chaplain. I began writing about 17 years ago, mainly because I felt that God wanted my retirement years to be given to helping people feel the love and forgiveness and closeness of God through the stories and ideas in my books and devotional writings. I began by writing "feel good" short stories. I had hundreds of pages of notebook paper filled  with short stories. I was asked to begin presenting Devotional Stories in my Sunday School Department at First Baptist Church of Augusta, Ga.Then I wrote my first Novel. Then a sequel and another sequel. Finally I discovered the Novella, which is like a Novel but only about half the size. I really enjoyed that. So I have now witten about 25 Novellas. All of my books have a "thread" of God's love, forgiveness, and helpfulness woven through them.

 I went for many years before even having a computer, but with nowhere to publish. Finally I discovered Createspace, a site that lets you do all of the work and then they print and distribute the books for an affordable fee. Within the last  9 years, after discovering Createspace, I have self published over 40 books, which I will introduce to you shortly. I am happily married to Finnetta G. Hancock, who i s also my Editor. We have two sons, Dean, who lives in Miami, and Kim, who lives in Augusta.


A LITTLE "SMIDGE" OF MY  "STUFF"                                                                                                                                                       (From Martha's graduation speech in "The Hero") "Many of our men and women gave their lives in this war so that their children might sit freely in  their class rooms without fear of their teacher  being snatched away by  "Storm Trooper" police.  As a graduating Teacher, I desire with my whole heart to teach those students to have confidence in the future, to value truth, to honor the rights and feelings of others, and respect the laws of the land and the sacredness of that which belongs to others. I pray that God will help us to do that."

(From a Sailor's last words, found in a bottle in "A Message For All Time")

 "I write these words to no one special. I have no family, except for one. But somehow it makes dying easier if you say some sort of last words. I don't expect anybody to find this so I write it as a statement to the 'cloud of witnesses' that the Bible says is watching me. I am floating in a little rubber life raft. The supplies aboard have long ago been used up, except for this bit of paper and pencil and a bottle that I saved. My ship went down from a German sub. Most of my buddies went down with the ship. Three of us found this dinghy. The other two, Bob Swithers and Melvin Dorster, have already died from exposure and, I think, loss of hope. We have counted twenty days. I am Jim Stark of London. I am very weak and feel that my time can be a matter of minutes or hours at the most."

" I want to say that I hope that what we are trying to do to turn Hitler around will work. I hope that peace will some day come back to the England that I love. But I want the world to know that, no matter who wins this war, I, Jim Stark, believe that freedom will win over tyranny wherever the two may meet. Freedom has within its own seed the fruit of triumph, and tyranny likewise has within its own seed the fruit of failure. God and the nature of life will see to that."

" And so I die with full confidence that my dying alone on this drifting sea is not in vain and I will watch the inevitable victory march of human freedom from some grand stand seat among my buddies, somewhere up there. Know that I die in full hope of living again. Love to all, Jim Stark, March, 1942."